One of the most important things in the Banking as a Service platform is reporting and invoices. Reports are kept in different formats for each transaction and customers may want to use these reports at certain time intervals or in line with their needs.

In this article, I will show you how we can test transactions in excel format. First, let’s say you download sample transactions with selenium. Let’s look at how to compare values ​​through this transaction.

First of all, we will do this using Apache POI. Apache POI offers us libraries that allow us to process files in…

When we do a load test, we want to see the results instantly in the metrics we want. We may need to focus on a different metric in each load test. We need to be able to edit these metrics optionally and do customization on them.

In this article, we will learn how to do load tests with locust, export metrics instantly with Prometheus, and show the metrics we want in Grafana.

First of all, what is this locust; Locust is an easy-to-use, scriptable and scalable performance testing tool. …

Automation test fails can have many causes;

  • Unstable tests
  • The running environment is not ready
  • Some framework problems
  • Environment performance issues
  • And so on and so forth…

This situation can often be frustrating and cause wasting time looking at errors constantly. Misleading situations can occur in automation results. When we add the retry mechanism in front of all these, we can pass our tests by making them more stable. TestNG provides a wonderful feature using which you can retry a test case multiple times before declaring it as Failed. What it means is that, if you see a failure can…

As you know, there are times when we use EC2 machines for development, production, and test environments. Sometimes there are situations where we leave these machines open. If you are working with too many EC2 machines, it can get difficult to track over time. According to the EC2 type and as long as it remains open, it may have a greater effect on your cost. So how can we handle this? There may be many ways, but I’ll tell you how you can overcome this with slack.

Firstly, we need to open a custom app via slack. You can examine…

Test engineers or people dealing with automation know very well. When we use Selenium Webdriver, we need to download the drivers and check the version of which browser we will use.

In some cases, we may need to change the drivers according to the browser versions, so when you work in the local environment when the driver version in your project does not match the driver version in your local, you need to find and update the same version over and over again.

You do not have to deal with them anymore, at this point, WebDriverManager provides you a great…

One of the most basic things we spend time in writing UI automation is locators. Finding the right and unique locator is important for UI automation. When we click the element with the Chrome feature, the copy menu that comes up often cannot provide us with a proper selector. We spend time making a unique and short selector with changes in it.

Now let’s meet with Selectors Hub.

SelectorsHub helps to improve XPath and CSS selectors writing skills. With a selector you are looking for, auto-suggestion, you can find it much faster and more accurately.

SelectorsHub is a chrome plugin…

Writing a good bug report saves us time to quickly resolve issues. It is important not only for the developer but also for the product manager because prioritization is adjusted according to the bug reports.

Let’s examine what the bug reports should contain, respectively.


In title should be a short explanation of what the issue is. A good title should have information about product name or error message or steps you were doing when it failed.
For example:

  • How not to do: “Crash”, “Looking an error”, “Bug
  • How to do: “Error 5C79 when confirming request


Try to briefly describe what…

Jenkins Role-Based Strategy Plugin; When we use a single Jenkins, we don’t want users to see or process (Build, Delete, etc.) all projects. In these cases, we can use Global Roles, but only transactions such as normal jobs and credentials, etc. can be restricted. For this reason, we can add specific patterns with the features that Role-Based plugin provides us and add them to the project-based role to the users.

To enable role-based strategy, it is enough to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Jenkins Dashboard -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security -> Authorization-> Select Role-Based Strategy

Yusuf Tayman

Software Quality Assurance Engineer @openpayd

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